Concurrent Enrollment Responsibilities


Valley High School students have the opportunity to take college classes through Aims Community College while they are still in high school.  Please talk to the counselors to find out what you need to qualify.

Juniors and seniors at Valley High School may enroll in higher institutions of learning and receive course credit toward the fulfillment of high school graduation requirements for successful completion of approved postsecondary advanced/enrichment courses that are not offered at Valley High School. To ensure that you are aware of the responsibilities and requirements of enrollment in post-secondary coursework in conjunction with Valley High School, you must read and indicate your understanding of the guidelines below.
The district shall pay the tuition for up to ten (10) credit hours of postsecondary courses successfully completed by a qualified student and for which the student receives high school credit. A student may enroll in up to ten (10) credit hours of postsecondary courses per academic term.
The institution of higher education may charge additional tuition and/or associated fees to the qualified student or the student’s parent/guardian in addition to the tuition paid by the district. Valley High School does not pay for any additional tuition or course fees such as books, materials, lab fees, equipment, student fees, tax or insurance.
Prior to paying the tuition for any qualified student, the district shall require the student and student’s parent/guardian to sign an agreement statingif the student fails (defined as a D or F) or otherwise does not complete the postsecondary course for any reason without consent of the principal of the high school in which the student is enrolled, the student and/or the student’s parent/guardian shall repay the amount of tuition paid by the district on the student's behalf.
The district shall not provide or pay for the student's transportation to the institution of higher education. The student assumes all responsibility and liability for transportation and transportation costs.

  1. The student must have received approval for their academic plan of study (ICAP), and the courses selected must be consistent with the student’s ICAP.
  2. The student must complete the course approval form (this form) with all required signatures,***prior ***to course enrollment.
  3. The student must completion all required paperwork from the institution of higher education.
  4. The student must successfully complete the coursework and provide proof of a passing grade verified by a grade report or transcript.  A failing grade (D or F) voids Valley High School’s responsibility in paying for course tuition.
  5. The course(s) selected must represent advancement/enrichment learning opportunities.  The courses will not be paid if the equivalent course is offered at Valley High School.
  7. Class grades WILL be factored into the student’s GPA at Valley High School.  The student may receive Valley High School equivalent credits for courses that are successfully completed with a passing grade.
  8. If the student does not complete the course and/or completes the course with a grade of D or F, the student is responsible for reimbursing Valley High School for the tuition paid on the student's behalf and the course tuition will be added to the student's VHS